10/1/2011  PLEASE NOTE:  VoxNobili.com has been updated!  THIS site has yet to be updated for the upcoming season!  PLEASE come back and visit us in a couple of days, when we will have had the chance to catch up...  THANK YOU!!!



Vox Nobili presents The Spirit of Christmas Past, a highly-skilled a cappella vocal ensemble performing a multi-faceted repertoire of Holiday and Renaissance music.

The depth and range of the music we perform is complemented by our richly festive Elizabethan attire.  Our musicianship and visual presence will be a glorious addition to your holiday event.

The Spirit of Christmas Past is currently booking for events throughout the holiday season, and Vox Nobili books year-round.  Please contact Tara J. Pool at Vox.Nobili.Director@gmail.com for details.

And please be sure to visit us here again, as we are always adding to our Repertoire and Performances pages!

With best wishes for a safe and happy holiday,

The Spirit of Christmas Past